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Pre-packaged HCG diet meals – complete diet in a box

The HCG diet is both fairly straightforward and fairly complex. Its basic concept is quite straightforward and its convolutions of overlapping stages, each with multiple conditions, sub-conditions and interdependencies, can seem quite daunting.

To complicate matters further, each person’s health and life-style brings to the mix its own set of variables, each replete with its own, unique set of exceptions.

Decisions must then be made on the type of HCG to use, where to find the most reliable source(s) and practitioner and which of these represents the best value for money.

Once these issues have been mentally labelled, pigeon-holed and cross-referenced, day one of the diet begins, bringing with it myriad charts and journals, body scales, food scales, food and calorie lists, progress forms, daily shopping lists, dos and don’ts – all accompanied by a host of doubts the dieter thought he’d already put to bed, as new, unexpected discoveries emerge about himself, his health and his prognosis.


With questions bubbling up in his mind at an ever-increasing rate, the dieter could be forgiven for wondering how long it might take to drive his practitioner quite mad with his never-ending stream of questions!

Fortunately, America has begun to wake up to the potential for making money out of the spin-off industry of HCG diet ready-meals – where foodstuffs are pre-selected, pre-weighed, pre-packaged, labelled and frozen and finally, delivered to the dieter’s doorstep. All he needs to worry about is ordering his supply, taking delivery, and freezing the meals. No more measuring, weighing, cutting or cooking is required.

While ready-meals might cost slightly more than the groceries the dieter would have bought, he’ll be eating less than he did before embarking on the diet. So if there’s a cost-differential between the ready-meals and the cost of his meals before he commenced his HCG diet regime, it’s quite likely that he’ll save money, over all.

Still, unless the meals are appropriately labelled, the dieter cannot be certain:

  • that they have been prepared to the strict specifications of the HCG diet
  • of the source of the produce
  • whether the produce is organic
  • whether it has been contaminated with starches and fats from other foods that the catering company prepares on its premises.

On balance, it would appear that ready meals will be welcomed by dieters and practitioners alike, removing much doubt, uncertainty and worry from the process.

Where to find ready meals?

Some are pretty pricey, particularly if pre-cooked, such as those of HCG Meals To Go, although they might be ideal for the single, the idle, the busy and those who dislike cooking.

HTEcommerce’s video gives you an idea as to what to expect from HCG pre-packaged foods, and his MealBalance site offers compete meal plans for $199 (excluding delivery) for a fortnight’s worth of food, which works out to $15 per day, or $5 per meal assuming 3 meals per day.

It’s a pity he doesn’t offer a trial pack comprising one day’s worth of meals.

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