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HCG diet kits “Made in America”

There is no “standard” HCG kit, as the millions of internet sites offering HCG kits appears to attest.

The vast majority of American HCG diet kits, whether partial (20-23 days’ supply) or complete (40-45 days’ supply) include sublingual HCG drops or injectable HCG with syringe packs that contain needles in two sizes. Incredibly, some exclude HCG entirely and it’s difficult to imagine how they might appeal, when much of what they offer is freely available on the Internet – apart from making downside commissions for promoting affiliate sites that do sell HCG.

Of 25 random kit vendor sites sampled, none included diet food in their packs. This is surely a gap in the market, ripe to be exploited by the canny entrepreneur.

The quality and price of the offerings vary widely, although high price does not necessarily equate to high quality. Prices range from around $50 to $500, the more expensive of which tend to offer packs for couples and/or some form of mentoring or coaching service.

The better quality kits come with bacteriostatic water, alcohol wipes (for injectable HCG), telephone support and even HCG mentors, but a hefty price tag tends to attach to the mentors, as you’d expect.

All of them should offer instructions for their HCG, and all of those sampled provide reference materials – which widely obtainable, for free.

The more imaginative offer recipes, grocery lists, journals, charts, vitamins and even a colon cleanse, but HCG dieters should be aware that vitamin pills or capsules can contain starch or sugars, which are not permitted in the 500-calorie-per-day phase of the diet.

Homeopathic HCG packs seem to have created a storm and introduced a delicious absurdity to the HCG vista. Homeopathic remedies are famous for not containing the substance in question, but rather a ‘memory’ of it. As such, whereas injectable and oral HCG is required by the FDA to be accompanied by a prescription from a government-recognised health practitioner, homeopathic HCG appears to fall between the cracks in the law and requires no prescription.

Those who aren’t convinced of the veracity of arguments for homeopathy might well wonder why they should pay a fortune for something (HCG) that doesn’t officially exist in homeopathic HCG drops. And should an HCG dieter find that his homeopathic HCG did not work, given that it’s absent from drops he will have consumed, any resultant court case might be quite at home as a scene in Alice in Wonderland’s looking glass.

When deciding which HCG product to choose, a few common-sense heuristics / precautions might be helpful:

  • Only consider sites which provide full contact information, such as telephone, physical address and email, and which offer support. After all, if you can’t contact them, you’re unlikely to get redress should their HCG product be substandard.
  • Start or join a discussion on one of the many HCG bulletin boards – particularly those that are well populated, because someone should be able to answer your query about a vendor, even if only to advise “when in doubt, say No”.
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