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HCG diet: how to use coconut oil

The general consensus over the past few decades is that fats are bad, bar a few exceptions. Increasingly, however, more evidence emerges which elevates coconut oil to star status, alongside olive oil.

We need fats in order to survive, not least because our bodies need vitamins and not all vitamins are water-soluble.

Despite the fact that a tablespoon of coconut oil has 117 calories – a fifth of the 500 calorie limit stipulated in the HCG diet’s Phase 2, coconut oil can help you to lose weight.

Fascinatingly, unlike other fats, digested coconut oil does not end up in the blood stream for eventual distribution to the body’s fat store. Instead, it proceeds to the liver, which immediately converts it into energy and increases the body’s metabolic rate. This is precisely what you want a diet foodstuff to do for you – particularly on a HCG diet, one of whose chief aims is to deplete the fat store cells (adipose tissue) such that fat can no longer be stored so easily.

That doesn’t mean you can consume as much coconut oil as you like – it means that you can consume more of it than you can other fats, without putting on weight. Eaten in moderation, it should be a useful weight-loss food, not least because it aids in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and proteins, and reducing the strain on the digestive system.

Amongst coconut oil’s many benefits are its mine of vitamins and minerals and its antimicrobial / bacterial, antioxidant, antifungal properties, research has discovered.

As such, extra virgin coconut oil (i.e., cold-pressed) is employed in the HCG diet:

  • as a maintenance food to cook breakfast eggs and to augment the health benefits of the mid-afternoon whey protein shake snack
  • to boost energy levels
  • as an aid to reduce cravings/hunger pangs
  • as an aid to keep blood sugar levels stable – which is particularly useful for diabetics
  • as a skin moisturiser, to replace the dieter’s usual moisturising products; it is quickly absorbed to soften the skin, without making it feel greasy
  • as an anti-aging cosmetic, as it smooths out wrinkles
  • as a hair conditioner, for dry hair
  • as an anti-dandruff agent, when massaged into the scalp
  • as a treatment for eczema, whether imbibed or applied topically
  • to protect the thyroid gland

Coconut oil can help to ward off Alzheimers, or alleviate its symptoms because certain brain cells may have difficulty utilizing glucose, the brain’s principal source of energy – says Kevin Trudeau*. It produces results where expensive drugs fail. Sadly, this sort of information fails to make it into the ‘mainstream’ media – possibly due to conflicts of interest, as many of them accept advertising from pharmaceutical companies which manufacture the expensive, ineffective drugs.

The health benefits of coconuts in general are legion and should find a place in the larder of every health-conscious person, whether dieting or not.

* Kevin Trudeau is the author of  The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About.

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