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Feeling full on Dr Simeons’ HCG diet’s 500-calorie meal plan

Many people who have struggled with diets over the years may wonder how on earth they could possibly stick to a diet which restricts them to a miserable 500 calories per day and remain healthy, when a single bowl of fried rice takes up the entire calorie quota.

They’d be right to do so. Under normal circumstances, it would be extremely difficult, but HCG makes all the difference.

HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women just prior to ovulation. One of its many roles is to ensure that should a woman fall pregnant, regardless of the adequacy of her current diet or her diet in the months to come, her baby will have sufficient nutrients in order to develop and grow.

As men will appreciate, women have curves – which are padded with fat. Some of this fat will be essential body fat and the rest will be storage body fat, or adipose tissue.  The storage body fat in the average woman is 15%, whereas in men, it is 12%. That means women store 20% more storage body fat than do men. There’s a very good reason for this, which takes us back to the subject of HCG.

Storage fat contains nutrients and proteins which, when HCG is present in the body, and when the diet is meagre, the body utilises to nourish the organs. In pregnant women, these nutrients will be directed towards the developing foetus, the remainder used to nourish the woman’s organs.  That is why many people describe the complexions of pregnant women as “glowing”; skin is an organ, too.

So, the 500-calorie meal will not starve the HCG dieter, or deprive him/her of essential nutrients because the HCG, injected or imbibed, will digest the stored fat, along with the fat cells that house it; the stored fat will become the body’s food.

Moreover, a great many HCG dieters report that while on HCG, they don’t feel hungry after eating their quota of foods in Dr Simeons’ diet plan.

The reason for this is quite simple: the body has been sufficiently nourished by:

  • the nutrients in Dr Simeon’s carefully planned, highly researched diet,
  • the nutrients and proteins stored in the body’s storage fat.

To make absolutely sure that this will be the case, Dr Simeons recommended that, during the first two days of the diet, before the HCG effect kicks in, the HCG dieter gorge himself on high fat foods such as bacon grease, butter, flaky pastry, etc. and foods that are nutrient-rich. This food intake is then digested and stored as nutrient-rich fat in the body’s adipose tissue and becomes the body’s larder in lean times.

Therefore, if you’re obese, or just uncomfortable with the weight that you carry, you’ve nothing to lose by embarking on the HCG diet, except for your excess fat.

*   Dr A T W Simeons MD is the author of the original 1950s HCG diet manuscript, entitled “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity”

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